Why do 1 in 3 tourists visit Thailand again?

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The annual Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) statistics always show that approximately 1 in 3 visitors to Thailand return on holiday to the nation again at some point, with the Phuket average being slightly higher. Nowhere else in world receives such a high return rate of holidaymakers. At Phuketgolf.net, we want you to have the best holiday of your life, but obviously with a bit of golf in between! So what makes Thailand so special that so many people are clamoring to return in their droves?


The all-year-round tropical climate, which very rarely drops below 30 degrees, is obviously a big clincher when it comes to potential holiday locations. Although it can be hit or miss in the monsoon months between May-November, even during this period the temperatures are hot and you might well still have 2 weeks of sunshine. However, it?s not just Thailand that has an all-year-round tropical climate, so there must be other reasons why some many people come back to Thailand?

Land of Smiles

Thailand has been dubbed the Land of Smiles, and rightly so! The moment you arrive in Phuket, everyone seems to be smiling. And do you know why? Because everyone usually is! There are not many situations in Thailand that cannot be fixed with a smile. It?s infectious and you can?t help but be affected by the happy atmosphere of Thailand?s major holiday destinations. The service and hospitality are second-to-none, famous across the world, combining with the climate to make a holiday location from which dreams are made.

Beach-Life and Relaxation

I think another reason that so many people return to Phuket is because of the amazing 5-star beaches and relaxing ambience that the island is famous for. When it comes to picture-postcard tropical beaches, Phuket really is at the top of the tree in not just Southeast Asia, but across the world. The laidback mentality makes the island such a wondrous place to recharge the batteries and realign the senses.

It is now obvious that so many holidaymakers return to Thailand because of the combination of a beautiful tropical climate, a happy-go-lucky attitude with 5-star services and hospitality, and of course the beaches and tranquil ambience.

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