3 reasons why you play better golf on holiday in Phuket

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Over the years I have partaken in a few golf holidays myself, especially in tropical countries. When you come from a European nation that is steeped in winter for most of the year, there is something special about getting away for a few rounds of golf in sunnier climes. One thing I have noticed over the years playing golf abroad is that I always seem to play better when on a golf holiday, even though the courses were foreign to me. Here are 3 reasons why you play better golf on holiday in Phuket.

1. The ball goes further
The ball goes further in hot and humid climates. It’s a fact. If you are a short hitter such as me, playing golf in Phuket can add 20 yards to the distance of your drives. Don’t get me wrong, you still have to hit the ball straight or you are simply 20 yards further into the rough, but nevertheless, we could all do with a bit more length, right?

2. No work stresses
One factor about playing better golf on holiday comes down to something very simple: no work stresses are interfering with your mentality. When we go on a golf holiday to places such as Phuket, our monotonous everyday lives where work and struggles are commonplace are cast to the back of our minds. With a clearer mind, I always play better golf.

3. Fantastic playing conditions of the courses
Let’s be honest, if you can’t play a quality round of golf amidst the most perfect climate with golf course conditions where fairways are like carpets and caddies are carrying your clubs, aided by the beautiful tropical weather, then you have some other deep-rooted underlying problems with either your game or your life. Everything is set up in Phuket to create the picture perfect golf climate, so it’s no wonder we play so well on holiday.

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