4 Reasons to Book a Phuket Golf Holiday

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Do we really need any reasons at all to visit a beautiful island such as Phuket to play golf? As we are seeing more people playing the game than ever before, it?s only natural that the modern golfer should seek out new challenges and new horizons, and that?s why international golf tours have become such big business. Here are 4 reasons to book a Phuket golf holiday

You only live once?

We only live once, unless you believe in reincarnation of course, so we have to live for today by experiencing everything we desire. Life will just keep drifting by, so it?s time to seize the moment and go for your dreams by booking a fantastic golf holiday on Phuket.

Golf is always better in the sun?

I am not the greatest golfer in the world, or even in my house for that matter! However, it doesn?t matter how good or bad I am playing because golfing in the sunshine is more than enough to make me a happy man, despite how many balls I am losing or how many shanks I am expertly performing.

Not everything is about golf?

As much as we sleep, eat, drink or breathe golf, allegedly there is more to life than our sport of kings. Although the golf in Phuket is dreamlike, the island has so many things going for it such as some of the best beaches in the world, an excellent choice of international restaurants, a nightlife scene that can only be experienced to be believed and a laidback attitude that will make you want to stay here forever.

We work all our lives for what?

We live in a time where our average wages are higher than previous times in history, allowing us to follow our dreams a little bit more. We work all our lives for what? To pay the bills, feed the kids, keep the missus happy and all that other non-golf related stuff that keeps us off the course. When you work as hard as we do, we need to treat ourselves? to remind us that we are living and breathing conscious human beings with desires and dreams.

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