4 Reasons to Play Golf in Phuket in 2019

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The global golf holiday market is one of the fastest growing sectors in the travel industry, as golf fanatics of all nationalities search for interesting courses across the entirety of the world to not only test their skills, but to experience new courses and golf experiences. Over the past 5 years, golf holidays in Thailand have become extremely popular, not only because we have some of the finest courses in SE-Asia, but also because Thailand is a world-class holiday destination in its own right. Here are 4 things that make Phuket golf holidays the best.

World-Class Phuket Golf Course Choices

All Phuket’s major golf courses offer not only world class on-course conditions, but also 5-star onsite facilities. Championship courses such as The Canyon Course at Blue Canyon Country Club and Red Mountain at Kathu are two of the highest ranked courses in Thailand. Mid-range courses such as Laguna Golf Club Phuket, Phuket Country Club, Mission Hills Golf Resort Phuket, Loch Palm Golf Club and The Lakes Course at Blue Canyon offer some of the best value for money rounds of golf you will find.

Nearly all courses come with expansive onsite facilities such as swimming pools, clubhouses, changing facilities and restaurants. Please click here to see all the best Phuket golf course green fees and more info about the courses.

All-Year-Round Phuket Sunshine

The thing that attracts many people to Phuket in general is that stunning all-year-round sub-tropical environment. Between the end of November and the start of April, the island receives minimal rainfall, and although between May and October is ‘rainy season’, we sometimes go weeks without a drop of rain. All year-round, Phuket temperatures never really drop below 27-degrees in the daytime, and average for the year around the 30-degree mark.

As I have mentioned in blogs before, it’s a scientific fact that your golf ball travels further through the air in hot conditions, which really is great if you are hitting straight, but might not be so great if you are wayward, but it can make you feel like you are playing the best golf of your life.

Phuket as a World-class Holiday Location

Whether its beaches, exciting nightlife options, 5-star international restaurants, natural beauty, world-class shopping centers, amazing resorts and hotels, zoos, aquariums and much more, Phuket is one of the world’s most popular and desirable holiday destinations, and that’s even without the golf! As the largest island in Thailand, and with the best infrastructure and things to see and do, a Phuket golf holiday offers more than other golfing destinations around the world and is why we have seen such a sharp rise in visitor numbers coming here to play golf over the past few years.

Please click here to customize your own Phuket golf holiday with the best choice of courses and hotels, alongside taxi transfers into an unbeatable package.

Phuket Golf Holiday Hospitality

Thailand is famous for its hospitality and is one of the reasons why so many people visit this fascinating country year upon year. The smiling and accommodating faces always make a great first impression with holidaymakers. The Phuket golf scene also benefits from unparalleled hospitality and onsite services. All Phuket golf courses have caddies, and this really is amazing because you don’t have to carry your own club. The caddies will do everything for you from giving you the yardage, cleaning your clubs and balls, repairing pitch marks, reading putting lines and keeping you amused along the way.

The moment you arrive at the golf club, you are greeted by smiling and friendly staff who are there to ensure you have the best round of golf imaginable. There is something really special about playing golf in Phuket, and with hospitality like this, it’s easy to see why.

To see out ultimate Phuket golf course guide to get the lowdown about the best courses to play, please click here.

Are you trying to decide which Phuket destination best suits your Phuket golf holiday? If so, don’t go any further until you have checked out our article about the best holiday destinations in Phuket.

To find out more about the Phuket golf holiday scene in general, please click here to visit our Phuket golf FAQ-page.

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