Business as usual in Phuket

By admin | December 9th, 2013 | Leave a Comment

With so much being written in the local and international media regarding the political unrest in Bangkok, it?s probably the right thing to do to inform visitors to Phuket, and other tourist destinations across the region, that life and business is still rolling on as usual. The troubles are restricted to certain parts of the capital, while other coastal holiday towns haven?t, and probably won?t see any of the problems that we see in Bangkok right now.

Regardless of political opinions and reasons, right or wrong, if you stroll down Patong Beach today or Walking Street in Pattaya, you wouldn?t know the difference in any way, shape or form. It?s important to reassure travelers of these truths, while at the same time understanding that the travel warnings that have been issued by so many embassies across the world are more focused on Bangkok than anywhere else.

Phuket is still one of the golf tour capitals of Asia, and nothing will change the fact that we have some of the finest golf courses imaginable, which you can see by clicking here.

Please take care if you are in Bangkok, but remember that all the other major tourist destinations in Thailand are the same as ever before.

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