Cheapest Phuket Golf Green Fees

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Phuket is one of the most beautiful holiday locations across the globe, known for its beaches, nightlife and untold natural abundance. Phuket also has some of the best golf courses not only in Thailand, but right across Southeast Asia. Depending on the quality of the courses, some of the green fees are more expensive than others, although all of them are excellent value for money when booking with

Logical thinking would make you naturally assume that the cheapest green fees for Phuket golf courses would be those booked directly with the golf course. This is not true. Tried and trusted golf agents such as ourselves who have been plying our trade on the island for a number of years get the green fee rates cheaper than the walk-on prices at the courses themselves.

I know that it might seem strange, but it?s not really. Think about the hotel booking websites that always seem to have room rates that are cheaper than booking directly with the said hotel. They get their rates for a cheaper price, and that?s exactly what happens when booking green fees with

We have the best courses in Phuket on our books with the cheapest green fees on the island. And you simply can?t find a better price!

When you take into consideration that we also have some of the finest Phuket hotels available to book on our site to accompany your golf holiday, that are also at very competitive prices, we have a great selection of golf holiday packages that combine your golf, transfers and hotel accommodation for a bargain price that is hard to beat anywhere.

For more information on our green fees, you can visit our site by clicking here and begin to create that amazing value-for-money Phuket golf holiday you have always dreamt about.

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