Chinese Restaurants in Phuket

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Although we predominantly write about golf tours and news on this blog, we also understand that you are not always on a golf courses when in Phuket. This is why we like to give you other Phuket tourism related info to make your time on the island very special. We thought it would be good to detail some Chinese restaurants in Phuket where you could have a great night out. Please sample some of these great restaurants during your holiday.

Thainaan Restaurant is situated opposite from Central Festival. Although not solely a Chinese restaurant, their Chinese banquet is to die for. The restaurant has a seating capacity for 2000 guests and also caters for special occasions like gala dinners or parties with stage facilities for 1500 guests.

Fortuna Pavilion Restaurant is situated in the heart of Phuket Town at the Motropole Hotel serves many cuisine types, but also specializes in mouth watering Chinese food and a wide variety of succulent Dim Sum snacks. These steamed delights are delicious and an authentic traditional Chinese breakfast meal. The restaurant is decorated in Chinese style with 7 private rooms each suitable for approx. 12 ? 14 persons, with all rooms adjoining to the main lounge.

Situated within the Royal Phuket City Hotel at Phuket Town, White Palm Chinese Restaurant offers a wide selection of delicious Chinese Food with unique taste and ingredients. Set menus comprising seven courses for ten persons can be enjoyed for a reasonable price. The A la carte menu features Shark fin, Abalone, crab, scallop, prawn and lobster dishes, duck, goose, pigeon. Peking Duck is a house specialty here.

On Yaowarat Road in Phuket Town, you will find the sumptuous Baan Klung Jinda Restaurant. This is a great eatery for sampling traditional style Chinese recipes influenced by Thai culture. Located within a beautiful colonial style stately home, you get a real essence of how things used to be.

Located on Siray Island in the Westin Phuket Hotel, the EEST Restaurant provides an atmosphere that mixes vibrant and contemporary with exotic elegance, within this exciting and modern pan-Asian venue, featuring a blend of five distinct flavors and cuisines hailing from Japan, China, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam.

The Red Dragon Restaurant is situated in the heart of Patong. Munch your way through a large variety of Chinese favorites such as Chow Mien, Sweet & Sour Pork or Chicken and Sichuan Chicken. If you are looking for that authentic Chinese cuisine experience ? look no further.

Known as the ?Best Chinese Restaurant?, The Royal Kitchen at the Royal Paradise Hotel & Spa in Patong is a real favorite with Chinese cuisine lovers. Positioned within a romantic setting with panoramic views of Patong Bay, the Chinese flavors and ambience of this restaurant are immense. Indulge in the opulent interiors of an ancient-like imperial dining hall and experience the delicate flavors of its splendid Chinese dishes.

Set within the Twinpalms Resort at Surin, the Oriental Spoon has garnered a great reputation for its oriental flavors and fusion menu. This chic and happening restaurant might not essentially be Chinese but it dies provide a wide selection of Asian cuisines that are not only well presented by exquisite in taste.

Enjoy Chinese New Year in authentic fashion with the selection of restaurants we have provided for you. It doesn?t really matter what time of the year, Chinese cuisine can be enjoyed at any time.

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