Comprehensive Phuket Golf Holiday & Booking Guide

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Although Phuket has a fantastic reputation as a world-class holiday destination, one of the things that sometimes goes under the radar is the unrivalled Phuket golf holiday industry. With immense golf courses that cater to international people, first-rate facilities and 5-star holiday-style amenities and infrastructure, Phuket really is the ultimate golf holiday destination. Before you book a holiday in Phuket to play golf, make sure you check out our comprehensive guide to everything Phuket golf related.

Most Asked Phuket Golf Questions

Because we are in the business of organizing Phuket golf holidays, we already know all the issues that those considering booking a Phuket golf holiday have. Here is a choice selection of Phuket questions and answers that should hit the spot:

Do I need to have a certified handicap card when playing golf in Pattaya?

The answer is no. You don’t need a handicap card to play golf in Phuket. Anyone can play. If you want to play one of the local tournaments that Phuket courses sometime hold, you will more than likely need a certified handicap card to gain entrance, but not just for a game or two.


Do Phuket golf courses have dress codes?

Yes, indeed they do. When it comes to dress codes, Phuket golf courses are no different to high-quality golf clubs from around the world. Men are expected to wear golf shoes, collared polo shirts, socks and tailored pants or trousers. Women will be expected to wear golf shoes, polo shirts or blouses with collars, socks, skirts or pants.

Do I need a caddy on Phuket Golf Courses?

Yes, you will need to have a caddy, no matter which Phuket course you play on. But in honesty, having a caddy is one of the best parts about playing golf in Phuket. Your caddy will carry your clubs, keep your balls and clubs clean, give you the yardage for your shots and even help you read the greens. Caddy fees are approximately 300-400 THB depending on which course you are playing, and at the end of the round a standard caddy tip for 18-holes is in the 300-400 THB range.

Do I have to rent a golf cart when playing golf in Phuket?

It depends on which courses you are playing. For instance, on Phuket Country Club, there are no carts and it is classed as a walking course. However, there are compulsorily cart rules on Red Mountain, Blue Canyon-Lakes, Blue Canyon-Canyon and Mission Hills. You can hire carts on Laguna Phuket Golf Club and Loch Palm, but you can also choose to walk on these two courses if you wish.

If I am playing on a Phuket course alone, will the club find me a partner?

Most definitely yes! You might end of with playing partners even if you are alone because if it’s busy, the courses will have to maximize their tee off numbers.


I haven’t brought my golf clubs on holiday, can I rent them from the course?

Yep. Every club has the facilities to rent you golf clubs in Phuket. You will find rental clubs in all the pro-shops on Phuket golf courses and the prices vary from club to club depending upon which make or brand you desire.

Can I share my golf clubs with my playing partner?

No you can’t. The rules on every Phuket course is that each golfer has his or her own golf clubs, so make sure you either bring along a set apiece or rent them from the pro-shop at the course directly.

What kind of onsite facilities do Phuket golf courses have?

All Phuket golf courses have changing facilities with lockers and showers, and they also all have pro-shops. Phuket courses also have some excellent restaurants where you can grab a breakfast or lunch after you have finished playing. Most of the courses also have communal swimming pools, and high-end courses such as those at Blue Canyon Country Club and Mission Hills Phuket also have spa and massage facilities. Phuket golf course facilities are generally world-class. If there are any questions you might have that are not on this list, please contact us directly and we will provide you with the answers. To see our FAQ page that has even more answers.

What is the best time of the year to book a golf holiday in Phuket?

A: Weather-wise, between December and the end of April is the best time of the year in terms of humidity, but it’s also the busiest time of the year too. Although between May and November can throw up a bit of rain here and there, it is a quieter time for the island’s courses, ensuring you will get the tee-off time you really want.

I have only recently took up golf, which courses in Phuket would suit a beginner?

A: We would suggest as a beginner that you start out with courses such as Phuket Country Club and Mission Hills, and if you are playing well, maybe a round at Loch Palm would be a great way to finish off your Phuket golf experience.

Are any courses in Phuket located near the major tourist destinations?

A: Phuket is a relatively small island, so no matter where you want to stay, every course can be reached within a 45-minute drive. Courses such as Laguna Phuket are situated in Surin/Bang Tao, which is a popular holiday location on the west coast. Loch Palm, Phuket Country Club and Red Mountain GC are all located in Kathu, which is just a 10-minute drive from Patong Beach, which is known as the island’s most popular holiday destination.

Can you find me a Phuket hotel for my golf holiday?

Yes, we can! We have a great selection of Phuket hotels at our fingertips to compliment any and every golf holiday experience. Areas such as Patong Beach are the ultimate holiday locations with beautiful beaches, bars, restaurants, and lots of international infrastructure. We offer some of the best prices not only at Patong Beach but also many other parts of the island, so make sure you contact us about Phuket hotels before you book with anyone else.


What is the most central location for my Phuket golf holiday?

We would recommend that you if you are looking for a central location to spend your Phuket golf holiday, that you stay in Patong Beach, which is the island’s most popular holiday destination, home to amazing nightlife, dozens of international restaurants and world-class shopping malls. Patong is also where you will find the best choice of hotels.

Other popular areas in Phuket to stay during your Phuket golf holiday are Karon Beach, Kata Beach, Kamala Beach, Surin, Laguna, Bang Tao and Nai Harn. Each area mentioned has its own beach, restaurants, hotels and nightlife options, all located on the West coast of the island in the prime holiday areas.

Guide to Booking Your Phuket Golf Holiday

Now you are armed to the teeth with lots of info regarding playing golf in Phuket, it’s time to make that info work in your best interests. Whether you are already on holiday in Phuket and want to book and play golf, or you are in the early stages of organizing your Phuket golf holiday, let us help you to get the best from your experience by following these simple tips to booking golf in Phuket.


Choose your Phuket golf course

There are 7 courses on Phuket Island, each of which has their own identity, difficulty and character. Low-handicap golfers will be better suited to the Canyon Course at Blue Canyon or Red Mountain Golf Club in Kathu, all of which have a championship-style layout and difficulty. These two courses are both routinely voted in the top-10 golf courses in Thailand so are really impressive and also challenging.

If you are looking for a great value for money round on a quality course, the Laguna Phuket Golf Club, Mission Hills GC, Phuket Country Club and Loch Palm are great choices. If you are a novice or beginner looking for a round, we would highly suggest you play Phuket Country Club, which is the most forgiving golf course in Phuket and popular with local expats and those who want a stress-free round of Phuket golf.

Do you need golf clubs?

The problem with deciding to play golf when you are already on holiday is that you probably didn’t bring your clubs along. No worries though, because you can rent clubs, alongside golf shoes and umbrellas, from all the island’s major golf courses at very affordable rates. Each golf club has their own selection of rental clubs, and at major championship courses such as Red Mountain and The Canyon Course, they have a wide selection of high-end clubs such as Callaway and more. If you are in Phuket and want to play, renting clubs from the course is your best option.

How will I get to the golf course?

Now you have found the courses you want to play, and also have the golf club issue under control, how are you going to get to the golf course? All the courses are between a 15-minute and 40-minute drive from Patong Beach, so you need transportation. At, we can book your green fees on any Phuket golf course, with taxi transfers to and from the club included in the price. Just decide which courses you want to play, your tee-off time and then contact us and we will do the rest.


3 Reasons Why Phuket is a Great Golf Holiday Destination

Phuket is a very unique place to holiday or play golf with all year-round sunshine and the perfect golf holiday conditions. Alongside this, Phuket is also a world-class holiday destination in its own rights and is a popular place to visit whether playing golf or not. Here are 3 things that make a great Phuket golf holiday:

Phuket Golf Caddies

I don’t know about you but carrying or pushing my clubs around the course is something that I could easily kick into touch. It’s the monotonous part of playing the game, apart from continuously hitting your shots into the trees of course! Every course you play on in Phuket have onsite caddies that will not only ensure you don’t have to carry your own clubs and clean your own balls, but also inform you of the local knowledge of the course, which can be priceless. Take advantage of having your own caddy when playing in Phuket. This is one of the most unique factors of playing a round of Phuket golf.

Quality of the courses

My local course back home is in pretty good condition, but it could be better. That is a statement you don’t hear too often in Phuket. Because Phuket is a 5-star tourist destination, the playing conditions of the island’s courses meet the highest world-class standards. From the pristine and carpeted fairways to the clubhouse and changing room facilities, the quality of playing golf in Phuket is simply awe-inspiring.

There are championship-style conditions at Phuket golf courses such as The Canyon Course at Blue Canyon and Red Mountain GC in Kathu. For a more forgiving round of golf, both on your game and wallet, we would recommend that you play Loch Palm GC or Phuket Country Club in Kathu. We also have mid-range courses that are similar to championship style but are also more affordable and forgiving at Laguna Phuket GC and Mission Hills GC,

Phuket is the total package

People come to play golf in Phuket because of the total package. Like we mentioned above, you can have your own caddy, enjoy world-class conditions and facilities, and at the same time holiday in what is one of the most desirable locations in the world, home to fantastic beaches and a holiday atmosphere that is both exciting and relaxing, depending on the path you wish to take. Whether you are a single person, couple, a group of friends or a family, a Phuket golf holiday is something to remember for life.

With a myriad of stunning beaches, top-notch eateries, exciting nightlife options, boutique shopping choices and much more, Phuket is the ultimate destination for a holiday that merges relaxation and world-class golf.

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