The first time I played golf in Phuket

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Everybody remembers their first time, whether it was a kiss, falling in love, getting drunk or even their first job. It was nearly 10-years ago the first time I played golf in Phuket, and it?s something that I will remember for until my dying days. I was actually on holiday in Phuket, when some friends I had met who lived in Phuket suggested we should go for a round of golf. Although I played a fair bit back home, I didn?t have my clubs with me, so was a bit hesitant, but I was assured everything would be okay and that I could rent some from the course.

As we drove through the grounds of the Phuket Country Club in Kathu, I knew I had made the right choice. Although I was still suffering from a hangover from Bangla Road the night before, the carpeted fairways add glass-like greens soon pepped me up.

I was immediately taken aback how friendly everyone at the club was, and was told that I needed a caddy to play the course. This was a bit surprising because back in the UK we had to carry our own clubs. I couldn?t believe the selection of clubs for rent on offer, so I quickly got myself a set of Calloway clubs.

Phuket Country Club is an 18-hole course and a great place to play for a mid-range handicapper such as myself. The sunny climate, fantastic playing conditions, the meticulously trimmed fairways and greens made the experience something really special. It was great playing a round where I didn?t have to carry my own clubs or clean my own balls. The caddy did it for me, and I only tipped her 300 THB (which is the standard) at the end of the round.

After we finished playing, we retired to the clubhouse and their spotless changing rooms for a shower and freshened up and then had a spot of lunch in their excellent restaurant overlooking the beautiful 18th green. My first experience of Phuket golf really impressed me, leaving me begging for more.

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