Get Your Last-Minute Phuket Golf Holiday Bookings

By Alan Wass | May 7th, 2017 | Leave a Comment


I can’t remember how many times I have been on holiday and only decided at the last minute that I want to play golf. Many people visit Phuket for a relaxing or party-style holiday and only then realize that Phuket is home to some fantastic golf courses with green fees that are very affordable. Are you on holiday in Phuket and want to book a last-minute round of golf?

If you want to play last-minute golf in Phuket, depending on the time of year, it should be relatively easy to book you the exact course and desired tee-off time you desire. specialize in booking last-minute rounds of Phuket, so please see below to understand what you need to think about before you book your round of Phuket golf.


Cheaper Phuket Golf Green Fees

What many people don’t realize is that the walk-on green fee rates at the golf courses are some of the highest. At, we have some of the most affordable Phuket green fee rates, cheaper than going directly to the course. Because we have been organizing golf in Phuket for the past decade, we have great relationships with the courses and that is reflected in our pricing system.

In a way it is similar to how hotel agents such as Agoda operate. They get cheaper daily hotels rates directly from the hotels and pass them onto you for a cheaper price than booking the hotel directly. This is how we can offer you the best Phuket golf green fee prices than booking with the golf courses directly.

Play golf in Phuket for some of the cheapest possible rates by clicking here.

Getting you there and back

Depending on where you are staying on the island, with most people staying in Patong, Karon, Kata, Kamala and Surin, it is probably a fair distance to the course from your hotel. Phuket Island is actually the same size as Singapore, so it’s not a small island. It could possibly take you anywhere from 20 minutes to 45 minutes to reach the course you booked, but at, taxi transfers are included in our prices, so you don’t have to worry about such trivialities.

Not only that, but our taxi transfers can pick you up and drop you off from Phuket International Airport, which is great if you are jetting in for some last-minute Phuket golf. Our taxi transfers make things easier, and with taxi prices in Phuket being one of the most expensive things, this is a great way to not only have a convenient experience, but also to lower your costs. It’s a win-win whichever way you look at it.


Simplifying your Phuket Golf needs

There are so many things to consider when booking a last-minute round of golf in Phuket. Which courses do you want to play? How do I get to the course? Can I rent clubs directly at the course? And many more. At, we simplify your Thailand golf experience and will give you the best advice on all the above questions. All you have to do is bring along your body and let us do the rest.

To begin to book your last-minute round of golf in Phuket, please click here.

If you are coming to Phuket and want to book your golf in advance, we have many Phuket golf holiday packages that could simplify your holiday even more, combining green fees, taxi transfers and even hotels. Please click here to see a list of ready-made Phuket golf holiday packages that are a great cost effective way of playing golf on the island.

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