Golf Holidays in Villa Rentals

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The demographics of the Thailand tourism industry have been rapidly changing over the past five years, especially in Phuket. At one time, Phuket Island was a party place where lots of single guys would visit for a hedonistic holiday. Today, Phuket is more family-based, which is great news on the whole for Phuket businesses. Another facet of the industry that is changing is the accommodation market. At one time, hotels were the be-all-end-all of the industry, but as we speak, holiday villa rentals are now taking over a vast part of the market. This is a great time for golf holidays in villa rentals.

What?s so great about villa rentals? Well, for starters, you have the privacy that can make a holiday in Phuket very special. There is nothing worse than sharing your holiday experience with hundreds of strangers in a hotel. Today?s modern travelers are more refined than ever before and like their own space.

Villa rentals usually have their own facilities such as private swimming pools. Some are located directly on the grounds of Phuket golf courses, especially Loch Palm GC in Kathu. The beautiful thing about villa rentals is if you are visiting Phuket with a group of friends for your golf holiday, when you calculate the prices of individual hotel rooms for each of your traveling partners, the price of a villa rental is very similar when you club your money together, but you get the privacy and convenience of sharing your time with your friends only.

At, we have some great villa rental choices for your Phuket golf holiday. Imagine waking up on the grounds the Loch Palm Golf Course. There is no better way to spend your Thailand Holiday time.

Please click here to see our villa rental choices, which we can combine with our golf course packages to create your perfect Phuket Holiday. This will be a choice you will never regret, as it will be difficult for you to book a hotel ever again once you have experienced Phuket villa rentals at first hand.

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