Golf in Phuket for People Travelling Alone

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Thailand is one of those rare holiday destinations where you can visit alone and still have a great time. Are you looking to book a golf holiday, but don’t have any holiday companions to share the trip? That’s okay, because when booking a golf holiday with, we will give you a helping hand along the way to ensure you never feel alone. Please see a couple of reasons why a golf holiday in Phuket for a single person is a great idea.

Doing things your own way
Although it’s nice to share a holiday experience with friends and family, sometimes it’s even better to get away from them to recharge your batteries, and what better way than with a golf holiday in Phuket? Being on holiday by yourself can be daunting from some, but doing things your way, when and where you want to, really is an enlightening experience.

You will never be alone
Whether you are on the course or enjoying an evening out, you are never going to be alone in Phuket. Because Phuket is a perpetual holiday destination, there is always someone to talk to on a night out. Having a caddy is compulsory on Phuket golf courses, and you might also be teamed up with other players for your round, so you won’t be alone on the course either.

At, we can also help you with anything you need and will always be on hand to ensure you get the best from your Phuket holiday. We will give you that helping hand you need when coming to Phuket alone.

If you are looking for a golf holiday destination but don’t have a travelling companion, or want to get away from the stresses of work or family life, a golf holiday in Phuket by yourself is an extremely spiritual experience, and just remember… in Thailand you are never alone.

Please click here to begin your Phuket golf experience today.

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