Why Golf in Phuket is Different to Golf in the Western World

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Golf is golf right? I suppose that could be a quaint philosophical outlook, but as you probably know, nothing is ever as it seems. I have played golf across many western countries and also in every part of Thailand, and from my experiences I can tell you that golf in Phuket is different to golf in the western world. Here?s why:


Having trudged my way around golf courses in Europe during all seasons, I can tell you that Phuket has the perfect golfing climate. With all year round temperatures that very rarely drop below 30 degrees, it?s like playing golf on a different planet, never mind about a different continent. Your golf balls travel further, the conditions are pleasant and a walk in the sunshine cures all troubles and stresses. I remember playing golf in England with the rain coming down sideways powered by an icy wind that could intimidate a mammoth. There really is no competition for the climate in Phuket.

Being an island, everything is close by

Phuket is an island, although it?s a large one, approximately the same size of Singapore, which is a country. However, it takes approximately an hour to drive from its northernmost tip near Phuket International Airport, to its southernmost tip in Rawai. Within that journey, you will find a total of 9 courses with varying ranges of quality and difficulties. Many people talk about the high concentration of courses in Scotland, well, Phuket is right up there for choice within a close proximity.

Complete golf experience

This is an underrated part of playing golf ? The Complete Golf Experience. Everyone can enjoy a round of golf wherever you are in the world; however, it?s difficult to find a complete golf experience that includes the high quality of a course alongside exceptional hospitality. When playing golf in Phuket, the experience starts from the moment your taxi arrives as you are treated like royalty and probably won?t physically touch your bag again until you get home afterwards. Everything, especially with Phuketgolf.net, is taken care of from the paying of your green fees to the caddie cleaning your clubs, balls and shoes. You can just concentrate on enjoying your game without the extra donkey work of carrying your clubs and whatnot. Throw that in together with the stunning tropical climate, and you will find that golf in Phuket is much more than just a round ? it?s a complete package.

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