The Phuket Golf Experience

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We are fortunate enough to be one of Phuket?s most trusted golf tour companies, which came from lots of hard work and a dedication to giving the people what they want. Sometimes we receive nice feedback from our customers. We would like to share this article with you that ideally sum up the experience of playing golf in Phuket:

The gentle wind caressed my soul as I stood on the 10th tee of the Blue Canyon Country Club, driver in hand, walking in the footsteps of the game?s greats such as Tiger Woods, Greg Norman and Freddie Couples, who have all played the signature 10th hole, known as the Canyon Hole. The tropical warmth is known to add 10+ yards to your golf shots, and boy did I need it to safely deliver my ball into the lap of the golf gods, who might be my only allies in driving the canyon in one shot.?

The velvety fairways glistened in the distance, immaculately manicured like the gardens at Buckingham Palace, however; there wasn?t a single corgi or beefeater in sight. Thankfully, when you play golf in Phuket, a caddy is mandatory, which is quite astounding when considering I came from a very simple working class background, and here I was taking golfing advice from a beautiful little Thai lady who was smaller than my golf bag.

Setting foot on the grounds of the Blue Canyon Country Club for the first time, I was in awe at the sparkling clubhouse that epitomizes Championship Golf in Thailand. The club has two courses: The Canyon, and the Lakes, both of which are a challenge to all golfers. To a high-handicapper such as myself, I was here for the ultimate Phuket golf experience, so I wasn?t expecting to shoot my best score ever. It was all about fun, a memory that will last forever.

I lifted back my driver, struck the ball with unusual tenacity and watched in delight as my ball shot like an arrow towards its intended destination. Holding my breath, following the line of the ball like an eagle hunts its prey, the ball was safely delivered over the canyon and into the middle of the fairway. There were many cheers from my playing companions and their caddies. It is a moment I won?t forget for the rest of my life.

Mike, United Kingdom.

If you want to follow in Mike?s footsteps and play the beautiful Blue Canyon Country Club Course, please click here to see how you can make dreams come true.?

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