Phuket Golf Hospitality – The Best Part About Having a Phuket Caddy

By Alan Wass | May 23rd, 2017 | Leave a Comment


Golfing in Phuket can be one of the most memorable holidays of a lifetime. The courses are beautiful, the climate is a golfer’s dream, and the island in general is a world-class holiday location with hundreds of high quality restaurants, many nightlife zones and some of the finest beaches known to man. The best part about playing golf in Phuket is the luxury of having your own Thai caddy to help you along the way. Having a caddy for your Phuket golf holiday is what makes playing golf in Thailand such a special and unique golf destination. Here are 3 reasons why having a caddy can really help your game and simplify your golf holiday fun.

1. Local knowledge of Phuket Golf Courses

Although a main part of playing golf on a course for the first time contributes to the overall experience, it’s nice to have some quality local advice along the way. Not all caddies have local knowledge of the course, but if you get an experienced caddy, she will know the best places to play your approach shots and know the line of the greens, which always comes in handy.

From the hidden hazards that protect golf courses to the little hollows and bumps that are generally unseen, a caddy who has insight of the golf course you are blindly playing is always important. Sometimes when you try and read the greens on courses you play for the first time, you can struggle to find the correct line. Many of these Phuket caddies have been on their respective courses hundreds of times, which will help you to choose the right line.


2. Keeping everything in place

Your caddy is there to help out in every way possible. From the carrying and cleaning of your balls and clubs, to finding balls and keeping track of your scores, your caddy will make sure you can circumnavigate the course with the minimum amount of fuss, so you can concentrate on playing. The weather in Phuket enjoys lovely sunshine for most of the year, which is great for playing golf, but not so great when you have to carry your own clubs. Having your own caddy means you can concentrate on your game without worrying about such trivialities. Once you have a had a caddy to carry your clubs and to clean your equipment, you will never want to play another game of golf without a caddy ever again.

3. Good company along the way

Whether you are playing alone or with a group of friends, depending on your caddy’s temperament and English-language skills, caddies can be great company and even a great laugh in some instances. Make sure you introduce yourself to your caddy from the start of the round and you will get on very well indeed.


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