Phuket Golf over Songkran 2015 – Thai New Year

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Phuket is a glorious place to visit at any time of the year, but from late-December until mid-April has always been the best time, in terms of climate and also because there are many events and festivals throughout the ‘high-season’ period to keep you amused during your non-golfing moments. A great time to visit the island and also play a few rounds of golf is over the Thai New Year period.

Songkran is the Thai New Year water festival, known across the world as one of the things you must see and partake in before we ascend to another realm of being. Although Thai New Year officially starts on the 13th April, depending on where you are in Thailand will decide which days the festival is celebrated. We are lucky in Phuket, because the festival is just 24-hours.

For a full day and night, expect to be part of the biggest water festival in the world. You just can’t escape it unless you barricade yourself in the hotel for a full 24 hours. Take part in the fun, get yourself a water cannon and blast your way to glory. Things to remember over the festival are: don’t take your mobile phone out with you or anything else that is not waterproof.

The weather conditions during this time of the year are also very fair, perfect for a few rounds of golf. If you are a family with kids or a group of mates travelling together, booking a golf holiday during Songkran 2015 is a fantastic choice.

To see a list of Phuket golf course green fees, please click here, or you can click here to customize your own Phuket golf package for the Songkran period.

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