Phuket Golf Tours for Seniors

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Happy Senior Man & Woman Couple Playing Golf

You get to a certain time in your life when your children have grown up and you have lots of surplus time, and money, on your hands to really enjoy and savor the finer things in life. Many people come to retire in Phuket, or choose to stay for extended periods of time on the island, allowing them the freedom to explore Phuket and really find out what it’s all about here.

Many seniors come to Phuket to partake in a spot of sunshine and golf, especially during the freezing cold winter months in the Western world. The warm climate is gentle on the bones, prices are excellent value-for-money, and whether you are a man or woman, you can easily find friendliness and companionship while you are here.

Seniors Golf in Phuket
Imagine merging the aforementioned sunshine and affordability with dreamy rounds of golf on the island. The Phuket golf scene is geared towards the more mature golfer within us. You don’t have to carry your own clubs because it is compulsory to have your own caddy on Phuket’s major golf courses. Also, if your legs aren’t what they used to be, 5 of the islands courses have golf carts, so the wear and tear on your joints is minimal.

Longer stays in Phuket
Lots of seniors come to Phuket for several months at a time, so if you already have an apartment or villa here, we can book your green fees and pick you up directly from home, take you to the course, and take you back home afterwards.

Maybe you are thinking about coming to Phuket for an extended stay and haven’t sorted your accommodation yet? If so, we can find you a hotel or even a longer term villa rental if that’s what you desire.

Phuket is the ultimate golf location for seniors, so please click below to see a choice of Phuket courses with the most competitive green fees you will find.

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