Phuket seafood and eat it!

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Those enjoying a Phuket golf holiday always need to eat. It?s just one of the things we have to do on a daily basis to survive. However, when on the island, you might be introduced to a variety of food types you have never tried before such as seafood. If you come from an inland area within a large country, sometimes seafood prices can be extortionate. Thailand is the home of zesty and fresh seafood dishes, with Phuket being the Mecca for delicious seafood.

There is nothing better than sitting directly beachside while sampling sumptuous seafood items that were caught just a few hours before. The beachfront Rawai Seafood Restaurants are some of the island?s most famous and popular. Some of these restaurants allow you to sit directly on the beach while devouring Thailand?s signature Tom Yan Kung spicy shrimp soup. Although prices have risen slightly over the past few years, this is still the place for great value seafood, especially when compared to Patong?s more pricey seafood restaurants.

If you are seeking a more local setting where the majority of Thai people go for their seafood pleasures, the Palai area of the island on the road that leads to Phuket Zoo in Chalong is an excellent choice. This is another beachside location where you will find recommended restaurants such Phong Phang Restaurant, Pailai Seafood and Tang Kae Restaurant. These are easily some of the most affordable and delicious seafood restaurants on the island.

In our opinion, Laem Hin Seafood is the best place on the island for the cheapest and freshest seafood. Situated on the east coast of the island, the restaurant is a wooden construction hovering above the sea on stilts within close proximity to where the speedboats take people out to the Coconut Island Village.

Although, you will enjoy high quality seafood at restaurants such as The Savoey, Patong Seafood and Kaneng @ Chalong, the ones listed above are the best value for money.

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