Phuket Weddings are the Next Big Thing

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With the price of weddings and honeymoons in the western world becoming astronomically extortionate, brides and grooms to be are beginning to seek out alternative options, not only to cut costs, but also for a bit of originality. With religious beliefs beginning to wane in some western nations, the traditional church wedding isn?t appealing to the younger generation like times past. Imagine having your wedding on a paradise island, followed by a Phuket honeymoon you will never forget!

Luxury Matrimony
Tying the knot is one of the most important moments of your life. Imagine living out a dream by holding your wedding ceremony on your own private beach with the waves washing up at your feet. This might sound dreamlike and out of reach, but nothing is further away from the truth. For the amount of money it takes to organize and perform a wedding ceremony in a church in the western world, purchase wedding dresses and suits, and cater for untold amounts of guests at your wedding reception, you can have a paradise wedding and a special honeymoon for less than half the price.

Make that Change
If you are debating whether to splash out on a subtropical wedding, don?t waste time deciding, just get out there and do it! Getting in contact with local companies on the island that can organize your wedding and honeymoon is a good starting point. There are many high-class resorts in Phuket who can organize your wedding from top to bottom. Such companies are experts in the industry and can cater for every whim you desire.

Do it Yourself
If you have friends or relatives already on the island, that could work dramatically in your favour because they will know the ins and outs of the area and will be able to slash your wedding costs by eliminating the middleman. If that is not possible, you could use the internet to find out each separate local company, such as florists or catering firms. If you are wishing to hold the wedding ceremony on the beach, you will have to inform the local council of that area for approval. This is a simple affair unless the beach is privately owned by a resort or hotel.

Master of Ceremonies
Once you have decided a venue for the ceremony and reception, you will need to decide who will be your master of ceremonies. For that authentic Asian feel, some people like to opt for a Buddhist monk who will work his magic during the wedding, but hopefully won?t be present during your honeymoon! Nevertheless, Phuket is also home to Christian and Catholic churches, whose members would be happy to hold your wedding if that?s your desire.

As you can see, organizing your dream wedding in Phuket is easier than it would appear. You can make big savings on the prices for organizing a wedding in the western world, which would make the experience not only cost effective but also something a little different from the norm.

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