Reasons Why You Need to Play Golf in Phuket Today

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It’s a great time in history for golfers across the world who want to enjoy golf holidays. There is more choice than ever before, and with the onset of the internet, you can obtain information more quickly and freely than ever before on worldwide golf holiday destinations. Phuket is a popular place to play golf, and obviously is a world-class holiday island in its own right. So, why would you choose Phuket as your golf holiday destination instead of somewhere else? Here are some reasons why Phuket is the perfect golf holiday destination.

Sub-Tropical Phuket Environment

Although it sounds great to visit Scotland or some other place in the British Isles to play golf, when the rain is pelting down and your drives are only reaching 100 yards due to gale-force winds in your face and everything tastes salty, you will wish you reconsidered. Phuket has a year-round sub-tropical clime that is perfect for golf. Because we have rainy seasons, the conditions in Phuket are always hot and green, which is such a contrast to other golf holiday destinations across the world.

If you want to play Phuket at the best time of the year in terms of comfortable temperatures, little humid and rainfall, we would suggest between December and April. The temperatures are still over 30 degrees during May to November, but the humidity is higher and there is more chance of rain. It is still hot though!


Unique Phuket Culture

One of the great things about visiting Phuket for a golf holiday is that you get the opportunity to sample Thailand’s rich and exciting culture at first hand, which has to be seen to be believed. Thailand is one of the most unique places in the world in terms of culture, untouched by Western crusaders and harking back almost 1,000 years. The mix of temples, food and life philosophies is worth the journey by itself, even without playing golf.

If you are looking for fascinating architecture and want to know more about the island’s roots, the Sino-Portuguese architecture in Phuket Town harks back to a time when Chinese settlers first made Phuket their home. Other cultural hotspots include the classy Chalong Temple and the awe-inspiring Big Buddha Hill, which is simply majestic in every way.

Phuket has a vast history and lots of cultural delights to enhance your Phuket golf holiday to the next level.

Phuket is a World-Class Holiday Destination

Playing golf in Phuket makes the most sense because it is already a desirable world-class holiday destination with stunning beaches, excellent road systems, an international airport, fantastic nightlife, first-class shopping options and lots of restaurants serving all manner of cuisine styles from the four corners of the globe. Take advantage of world-class shopping centers such as Central Festival near Phuket Town, or the massive Jungceylon Shopping Center in Patong.

Some of the most recommended Phuket beaches include Nai Harn Beach, Nai Yang Beach and Kata Noi. If you are looking for exciting nightlife, we would suggest you visit Bangla Road in Patong to find the largest choice of bars, restaurants and nightclubs on the island. If you are looking for a more laidback affair, we would suggest Karon, Kata, Surin or Kamala.


Phuket Caddies and hospitality

I am from the UK, so carrying our own clubs around the course is standard. It can be a lonely and desolate game if you don’t have a playing partner, and that’s why I love playing golf in Phuket. To play all the courses on the island, having a caddy is compulsory. She will carry your clubs, cleans your balls, gives you solid advice regarding yardage and putting slopes while at the same time providing you with company. Just make sure you tip your caddy between 300 and 500 THB per 18-holes as that is the standard rate.

The hospitality of Phuket golf courses is world-class. From the gracious staff and the course facilities that have restaurants, changing rooms, swimming pools, and even spas in some cases, the caddies and hospitality on Phuket courses are unparalleled.

The Variety of Phuket Golf Courses

The choice of Phuket golf courses is also something I really like. The islands two championship courses, Red Mountain and the Canyon Course at Blue Canyon CC are world-class. There are also a host of other courses that make up the middle ground such as Phuket Country Club, Laguna Phuket GC and Mission Hills Phuket. There is something for every person and mood. The courses are always in tip-top condition and because the island’s golf scene heavily relies on golf tourism, everything is always neat and today and geared to an international clientele who visit Phuket for an unforgettable golf holiday.


Lots of Things to do at Night

A golf holiday for me is nothing if I don’t have things to do when I am not playing. That is why the word ‘holiday’ is in the equation. Phuket has a hedonistic array of nightlife charms with lots of bars, clubs and restaurants right across the island, but mainly in Patong, Kata, Karon, Kamala, Surin and Rawai. Because Phuket is such a popular world-class holiday destination, there are lots of things to do day or night when not playing golf.

These major tourism destinations along the west coast are also home to a wide variety of restaurants that serves lots of different cuisine style form the four corners of the globe. Phuket truly is a world-class place to holiday which makes a golf holiday in Phuket even the more special.

Best Times of the Year to Play Golf in Phuket

Thailand is a sub-tropical country with a temperature that doesn’t drop below 30 degrees very often in the year, especially in the southern areas. Phuket is simply blessed when it comes to sundrenched climates, although there are sometimes of the year that are better for golf than others, so let us explain to you the best time of the year to play Phuket golf.

Summer Season for Phuket Golf

We are currently moving into the summer season in Phuket as we speak. Historically speaking, from November to April are the summer “high-season” months when the island enjoys the most visitors. This is a time of year when there is little humidity and less chance of a rain shower. If you are looking to play golf in Phuket when the weather is at its finest and the major beachside destinations are at their busiest, from November to April is the perfect time.

There is also a time known as ‘peak season’, which is a period of 1-month between December 15 and January 15, where the prices for hotels and villa rentals are at their highest due to high demand. This part of the year is simply the busiest time, and unless you want to holiday in Phuket over Christmas or New Year, we would suggest that you avoid this time of the year if you can.

The downside of Summer Season and Peak Season is it’s very busy, which is good in some regards and not in others. As long as you book your tee-off times well in advance by clicking here, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your desired time. The upside to playing this time of year is that the major tourist areas such as Patong are busy and exciting, which creates an immense atmosphere for your nightlife pleasures.


Phuket golf in Green Season

Known for many years as “low-season”, recently rebranded as “green season”, from May to October is a time when humidity is a bit higher and there is a greater chance of rain. Many people have holidayed in Phuket for 2 weeks during this time of the year and have never seen any rain. However, the best part about playing golf in Phuket during Green Season is the island is very quiet and peaceful. You basically have the golf courses to yourselves and the uncrowded nightlife scene really is perfect for a great night out on Bangla Road.

The positives of playing at this time of the year are that the island is very peaceful and quiet, which is a stark contrast to the high season months. Because the courses are also very quiet at this time of the year, you can pretty much choose where and when you want to play and have no problem booking your desired tee-off time. Alternatively, this is also the same when it comes to nights out partying, as it can be a really nice and pleasant experience with less of the hustle and bustle that is synonymous with high-season.

3 Steps to Booking your Phuket Golf Holiday

Now you have lots of reasons and advice for playing golf in Phuket, it’s time to make a move to actually book your Phuket golf holiday.

You can meticulously plan every aspect of your holiday but that doesn’t leave the space you need for spontaneous moments. Now you are here on holiday in Phuket, you have just realized that the island has a fantastic array of golf courses and you want a piece of the action. Although you didn’t bring your own golf clubs or shoes, that doesn’t mean you can’t play golf while you are here. Here are the 3 main steps to organizing your last-minute Phuket golf bookings at

The best thing about booking your golf with us is that we can organize every aspect of your Phuket golf for you. So if you want up one day on your Phuket vacation and want to play golf, all you need to do is follow our step-by-step guide below to booking your last-minute Phuket golf.

Step 1 – Choosing your course

The first thing you will need to do is click here, which will take you directly to our Phuket golf course page. Here you will find the best choice of courses with some of the most affordable green fee prices on the net. Choose the course you want to play and let us know your preferred tee-off time, and we will do the rest. If you want to play the best and most challenging courses, we would highly recommend the Canyon Course at Blue Canyon Country Club, or Red Mountain Golf Club, although we do have courses to suit all styles and desires.

Step 2 – Do you need equipment?

We are assuming that because you have just decided to play golf in Phuket, that you don’t have any equipment. Don’t fret, because all the island’s golf courses have clubs you can rent, although you might have to purchase your own golf shoes, balls and tees from the pro-shop. It’s always nice to play golf with your own clubs, but the championship courses in Phuket do offer high-end quality clubs such as Calloway and Tailor-Made, so you will be spoilt for choice.

Step 3 – Getting to and from the course

Now you have booked your Phuket golf course and know you can rent clubs when you get there, all you now need to do is get to the course. Part of our service at is organizing taxi transfers directly from your hotel to your chosen course and back again, so sit back and relax and let us take care of your last-minute Phuket golf holiday bookings.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter if you have just decided to play golf at the last second, because we can organize every aspect of your Phuket golf experience.

If you are thinking of booking a Phuket golf holiday in advance instead of a last-minute booking, please click here to see our Phuket golf holiday packages page. We also have the option to customize your own Phuket golf holiday that will combine your desired courses, hotels and even taxi transfers that will pick you up from the airport and the courses.

Our Phuket golf blog offers the latest news and articles related to everything Phuket golf. So please click here to see our Phuket golf news blog.

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