Thailand Q&A Part 2

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Q: What is the voltage of electricity?
A: The voltage in Thailand is 220 volts, 50 cycles per second. Generally speaking, Thailand?s plug sockets are two-pronged, so bringing along a converter is a good idea, although you can actually purchase a converter in Thailand.

Q: Can I drink water directly from the tap in Thailand?
A: Nobody would recommend you to drink tap water in Thailand. Bottled water is so cheap, and is the best thing to drink in Thailand if you want to avoid an upset stomach. Even brushing your teeth with tap water is a no no.

Q: Are the dental services in Thailand of a high standard?
A: Yes! If you need any dental work done, we would advise that you take advantage of the excellent dental services in the kingdom. In most cases, they have the innovative technology that you would see in top quality dental practices in the western world, for a quarter of the price.

Q: What are the opening hours of banks and currency exchange services?
A: Commercial Banks
Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday (9:30am-3:30pm, except bank holidays)

Currency Exchange Services
Hours of Operation: 7 Days (8:30am-10:00pm)

Authorized Money Changers in hotels
Hours of Operation: 24 hour service

Q: Is every item I want to purchase in Thailand open to the bartering and haggling system?
A: The vast majority of goods you want to buy from the non-food markets are definitely open to bartering. Items that are on display in shopping centres and high-street stalls have fixed prices, so bartering isn?t needed.

Q: Can I use my credit cards when holidaying in Thailand?
A: Credit card usage is accepted in most upscale restaurants and in department stalls. Tailors will also accept credit cards. Restaurants at the cheap end of the scale normally only accept cash payment.

Q: What is the best form of transport to travel around Thailand?
A: It all depends what you are looking for. Hiring a car is a great way to traverse the country in comfort and at your own pace, but if you are looking for the most cost effective method, the national bus services are very good. From Bangkok bus station, you can reach the four corners of the nation efficiently for great value.

Q: What happens if I can?t use the SIM card in my mobile phone from my home country in Thailand?
A: You can simply purchase a Thai SIM for as little as 100 baht. This will allow you to make cheap calls in the country at all times. You can obtain a Thai SIM card from one of the small mobile phone kiosks/shops you will see at street-side, or even from the 7/11.

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