Unbeatable Advice to Book the Best Phuket Golf Holiday Ever!

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Everyone needs a little advice from time to time. Holidaying in Asia can be quite different to holidaying in the West, however, that’s what makes it so much fun. Asia has a very different philosophy so it’s a good idea to do your research before you get here.

Although we are predominantly a golf tour company, everyone who visits Phuket to play golf will also be enjoying a holiday in one of the most desirable destinations in the world. Let us give you some comprehensive advice that covers everything from finding the right courses to knowing the local etiquette and beyond.

Choose a Convenient Phuket Holiday Location

One of the first things you need to do is find a holiday location in Phuket that has everything you need. Places on the west coast such as Patong, Karon, Kata, Surin and Kamala are the most popular destinations for tourists with the most hotels, restaurants, nightlife and beaches. Make sure you choose a destination that suits you and your traveling companions.

If you are looking for the busiest and most popular are, we would suggest Patong Beach, which is home to the famous Bangla Road that is home to the island’s most exciting nightlife. Places such as Karon, Kata, Nai Harn and Rawai in the south are top-notch destinations for a more laidback experience, as are the northern locations such as Kamala, Surin and Bang Tao. Choose carefully if you want to get the most from your Phuket holiday.


Having Your own Phuket Caddy

One of the great things about playing golf in Phuket is having a caddy. These are local girls that work at the courses every day, so she will give you lots of advice, especially regarding the subtle slopes on the greens. Having a caddy is a great experience, where she will carry your clubs, clean your balls and give you any advice you might need.

Having a Phuket caddy really does epitomize that special hospitality that Thailand is famous for, and if you have never had a caddy before, you will wonder how you managed to play the game so long without one.

Customize Your own Phuket Golf Holiday

One great way to ensure that you keep all your Phuket golf needs in one simple place is to book a Phuket golf holiday package that combines everything you need into a neat and tidy package. If you customize your golf holiday in Phuket with us, you can choose which courses you want to play, choose from a myriad of quality Phuket hotels and even get taxi transfers to and from the courses to your hotel and even to and from the airport for your arrivals and departures. Keeping everything in one place is a great piece of advice for those looking to simplify their Phuket golf needs.


Don’t rent a motorbike in Thailand

I know it sounds nice to rent a motorbike and explore the island, but we would recommend you rent a car or use taxis instead of renting out a motorbike. If you don’t have a local driving license or an international one, we definitely wouldn’t recommend renting a bike, and even if you do, it’s safer in the long run not to do so, due to the strangely unique driving conditions out here on the roads. Better to be safe than sorry. Be careful though because it is possible to rent a motorbike with your passport alone without a driving license, but the issue is that the rental company might want to keep your passport while you rent the bike, which is actually against the law, so please be careful!

Be smiley and courteous

In Thailand, a smile can diffuse any situation. Always be courteous towards the local people and they will do the same right back. Don’t be aggressive with the locals or anyone else for that matter. Treat people as you would expect to be treated at all times. It is also important that a Thai person does not lose face or get embarrassed in front of other people. So please do not lose your cool and always be respectful, even if you think you are in the right.

Choosing a Reputable Agent for Phuket Golf

For all your tours, we suggest you use a reputable tour agent. If you want to book golf in Phuket, we are one of the most experienced and reputable golf tour agents in Phuket. At Phuketgolf.net, We have been making people’s Phuket golf holiday dreams come true for over 10-years and pride ourselves on being honest and trustworthy. Here are some things that make phuketgolf.net one of the most respected golf tours operators on the island:

Phuket Golf Trust and Reliability

Although sometimes it can be a bit sickly to talk about yourself, in the business world it is important to talk about the major advantages you bring to the table as a company or service-provider. With almost 10-years organizing Phuket golf holidays, we have become trusted for our quality services and known for our reliability. Companies don’t last a decade if they don’t take care of their guests properly, and that’s where Phuketgolf.net excels.

We try to do the right thing every time we book your golf holidays so you get the perfect Phuket golf experience without any headaches or stresses. You are on holiday and don’t want to be bothered with the nuances of booking rounds of golf and the like. We do all that so you can relax and have the time of your life.



Vast Phuket Golf Knowledge

We have lived and worked in Phuket for combined total of over 20 years, bringing our wealth of experience to ensure you get the best choice of Phuket golf green fees and the best advice for anything and everything Phuket-related. We know all the most delicious restaurants, the best hotels in the most convenient locations and also lots of local information about the courses themselves. Our wealth of knowledge is used to help you get the best streamlined Phuket golf holiday experience imaginable.

We are always here to point all our golf guests in the right direction so you get to experience the best of Phuket. We have the lowdown on the best bars and nightlife action on the island, so please don’t be afraid to ask us for advice. This is one of the main reasons why so many people return to booking their golf with phuketgolf.net time and time again.

Phuket Golf Testimonials Page

We always encourage our guests to write testimonials, because we can talk forever about our services, but in the end, it’s only the opinion of our customers that matter. We have a designated Phuketgolf.net testimonials page on our website that allows you to view the experiences of our former customers and what they think about our services. Please click here to view the Phuket golf Testimonials page.

In this day and age, testimonials and reviews are the most solid information on a company’s website. More people than ever before are using testimonials and online reviews from websites such as TripAdvisor to find out the real deal about businesses and products to get authentic and honest info.

Playing Championship Golf in Phuket

If you are looking to play the best courses in Phuket while you are here, we have some top-notch championship level courses on the island that are simply stunning. Championship golf courses in Phuket have top quality facilities and an overall 5-star environment that compliments such a holiday. The Phuket golf courses at Red Mountain GC and The Canyon Course at Blue Canyon Country Club more than fulfill the criteria for a Championship Golf Holiday in Phuket. At phuketgolf.net, you can find the most competitive green fees for all manner of courses from low and mid-range to championship-style.


Here is some more info on your championship golf options in Phuket:

The Canyon Course – Blue Canyon Country Club

Known as a former host of the Johnnie Walker Classic, the likes of Tiger Woods, Greg Norman, Fred Couples, Ernie Els and many more world golfing greats have graced the Canyon Course. Meandering its way through beautiful tropical terrain and a massive gorge/canyon that is home to the famous ‘canyon holes’ on the 17th and 4th holes, this 72-par course is set over 7,179 yards from the back tees, making it very lengthy indeed. Although from the blue tees, the yardage is 6,664.

Walk in the footsteps of golfing greats by experiencing the Canyon Course at Blue Canyon Country Club for the ultimate round of Championship golf in Phuket. Click here to see more about the course and its green fee rates.

Red Mountain Golf Club

Red Mountain was constructed on an old tin mine with lots of red mountains, which inspired the name of the course. Weaving its way through the mountainous terrain, the course is pristine in terms of condition.

This 18-hole course is a real championship challenge and is played over a total yardage of 6,900 yards with a 72-par, famous for its long par-4s. Long hitters have a real advantage on this course, which is normal on a championship course. The signature hole is the Par-3 17th hole, with an elevated tee and a 50m drop to the green, which is breathtaking and picturesque.

Utilizing the latest technology in terms of grass, the course has Bermuda Hybrid grass for the greens. The varying levels of tees and greens, alongside natural waste bunkers, ravines, flooded gullies and tropical forests accentuate not only 5-star golf, but also showcases the island’s ability to compete on the world golf scene.

Please click here to see more details about Red Mountain that include photos, a full course description and green fee prices.


Reasons why you Need to Book a Phuket Golf Holiday NOW!

If you are still wondering why you need to visit Phuket to play golf this year, let us give you some advice on why so many people see Phuket as one of the best golf holiday destinations in the world.

There are many great locations around the world for a golf holiday, with some of the most popular being Scotland, North America, Portugal and Spain. Although the aforementioned destinations really are something to behold, it’s difficult to find a location that merges not only world-class golf options, but also many things to see and do when not on the course.

We believe Phuket is that special destination that combines the best aspects of a sundrenched climate with culture and nightlife, alongside an eclectic choice of courses.

Famous Thai Hospitality

When it comes to hospitality, nobody does it like the Thais. Playing golf in Phuket is an extension of the world-famous Thai hospitality, which is the cornerstone of the holiday golf market.

Playing golf in Phuket is a ‘total experience’, not just a game of golf. From the moment you arrive at the course, you are met with smiles and welcomes from the course staff, as your clubs are whisked away, only to be seen again on the first tee. All the courses in Phuket have a compulsory caddy rule, which really is the epitome of Thai hospitality in the golf holiday sector. All you have to do is aim and fire, while the caddies will do the rest. Playing golf in Phuket is luxury holiday golf at its finest, for prices that you can afford.

Senior couple playing golf

Fantastic Phuket Climate

Although playing golf in Scotland or England is a fantastic experience, their climates are not conductive to a sundrenched holiday. Rain-drenched maybe, but most certainly not sundrenched! All year round, Phuket enjoys a sub-tropical climate where temperatures rarely go below 30 degrees in the daytime, making it the perfect place to play golf. From November to April is the best time to play in Phuket, although the weather is still great for the rest of the year, albeit very humid.

World-Class holiday Destination

What sets Phuket apart from many other golf holiday destinations is its position as one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world in its own right. Merging awe-inspiring beaches that go on for days, an exciting holiday atmosphere with some unique nightlife and a choice of world-class restaurants, colorful culture and temples, stunning natural scenery, 5-star resorts and hotels, and lots of attractions for both couples and families, Phuket has something for everyone, making it a desirable holiday choice even without its world class golf.

As you now have the thirst for a Phuket golf holiday, please click here to see a wide range of Phuket golf courses that have some of the most affordable green fees online. Our Phuket golf course listings have photos and a description so you can get a feel for each course.

If you want to book a Phuket golf holiday package that combines green fees, hotels and transportation, you can click here. If you want to design your own Phuket golf holiday package, please click here.

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