What Makes Phuket the Ultimate Golf Holiday Location?

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Although it’s our job to promote Phuket as a golf holiday destination, it’s not hard work because so many things have aligned on the island to ensure its status as a premier golf holiday destination is difficult to match. So, what does make Phuket the ultimate golf holiday destination?

Lots to do for everyone
Lots of golf destinations are solely steeped in everything golf. First and foremost, Phuket is a holiday location known across the world, so in many ways golf is just a sideline to the fantastic array of dreamlike beaches, exotic scenery, exciting nightlife, and vast choice of restaurants. Phuket is a place you can bring your family while still playing a few rounds of golf. There is something for everyone in Phuket, which helps make the island a world-class golf location.

Value For Money
Although the exchange rates might fluctuate at times, Phuket is still an excellent value-for-money holiday destination for golf or otherwise. The green fees on the courses are a fraction of the prices you might expect for similar quality across Europe, America and Australia. When you consider that accommodation, food and clothes shopping are very affordable in Phuket, this is a destination that not only offers lots of things to see and do, but also does it at a price that’s right!

Phuket Hospitality
Thailand is famous for its hospitality right across the board, which also manifests itself in its golf industry. From the moment you arrive at the courses, smiling faces are waiting to greet you. The choice of caddies also helps make Phuket a bit unique for golf, ensuring you don’t have to carry your own clubs or work out yardages or green slopes.

Merging lots of things to see and do with world-class hospitality while still remaining affordable and value-for-money is what makes Phuket one of the best and most desirable golf holiday destinations in the world. Please click here to begin your Phuket golf experience.

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