Winter Golf in a Sunshine Paradise

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It?s that time of the year folks in the western world where the dark and cold submerges the European continent and North America for the best part of 5 months. It can be a depressing time waking up in the dark in the morning, going to work, and then coming back home in the dark once again. It?s the sort of thing that makes you question reality as we know it.

Although golf is a game that can be played in most weather conditions, we prefer the warmth to the cold. The ball travels further, you are more at one with nature and overall you are more comfortable when playing the game in warmer climates. Break the monotony with a winter break in the sunshine paradise of Phuket and remember what it?s like to play golf in the sun.

Golf in the winter

Wearing 2 shirts, a jumper, a wind-breaker, trousers, 2 pairs of socks, gloves, scarf and a wooly hat is hardly the perfect kit for golf. In fact, the Tin-man from the Wizard of Oz has more maneuverability, even with his dodgy brain. How about winter greens, sludgy fairways and plastic covered tees? It?s not a very enduring image, is it? There are not many saving graces to playing golf in the winter. For sure, it?s nice to get out and about, but it?s not the same as the summer. How are you expected to hold a 5-foot putt for par when you can?t even feel the ends of your fingers and toes? And let?s not even talk about your extremities!

Phuket golf in the sunshine

With an all-year-round temperature that doesn?t very often drop below 30 degrees, we don?t have the cold in Phuket. All we have is hot and slightly hotter. Imagine breaking off the ice and thawing yourself out with a Phuket golf holiday? No aches and pains, no fogs or mist and defiantly no winter greens to contend with.

When it?s winter in the western world, it?s summertime in Thailand. Indeed, from November to April are the prime holiday periods in Phuket. You only live once, book your ticket right away and migrate to warmer climates. Birds have been migrating to the warmth since the dawn of civilization for good reason. Even something as tough as a grizzly bear hibernates in the winter.

Phuket has some of the best golf courses in Asia, with Championship courses such as Blue Canyon Country Club and Red Mountain Golf Club. The tropical delights of Loch Palm or Phuket Country Club are a sight for the sore eyes for the winter traveler.

We have an amazing selection of golf packages over the winter period, so break up that harsh European winter by heading to pastures new for a couple of weeks. Please click here to see our value-for-money Phuket golf options.

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