Nigel Town 22nd March 2014

Hi Steve,

Firstly, many apologies for having taken so long to write to you; time has sped past with a week in Singapore after leaving Phuket then back to France.

We had a great time (again) in Phuket, all your arrangements worked perfectly. One of our first timers told me that he's been on many golf tours and was amazed at the organization of this trip.

Many thanks to you & Pin for hosting the BBQ at your home, it was a much appreciated gesture and well received by all. The informal & relaxed atmosphere of the golfers, your friends & the children made it a special evening.

The group will be back again around the same time next year. I hope to have a trip to Singapore in November and will include a Red Mountain visit into the itinerary.

Looking forward to seeing you & Pin on our next visit.

Best regards